Which router to choose

I currently have an internet box provided by my internet provider. It has wifi but the signal is very strong and I would like to have a very weak signal (to be available only in one room).
I see that the latest software of all GLI routers allows the wifi signal to be turned to the minimum, ahd this is very interresting for me.
The idea would be to plug a mini router to my internet connexion and create an access point, to replace my provider’s wifi.

I cannot get the difference between all GLI’s models.
Which router would you recommand and what are the differences between all of them ?
Thanks !

You can check the frontpage of this website and on the bottom there is the comparison table. There is not too much difference for your usage. You can choose MT300N or AR150 because of the price

Thanks for your reply !

I think I’m going to go for the MT300Nwhich has a better transmission rate.

Does the firmware allow to disable the wifi at certain hours during the day ? (let’s say turn it off during the day and on at night ?)

There is no such settings in the default UI.

This can be done in crond if you want to do this manually.

What do you mean by “in crond” ?


crond is the program to manage tasks in Linux. It execute a program in a certain time.