Which Router?

I’ve got a macbook air that has constant intermittent wifi connectivity issues and I live in an apartment building with shared wifi. We have 2.4 and 5g radios, the 2.4 speed (25 mbps) is horrible and 5g is great (125 mbps).

I would like to connect the router to wifi and then use ethernet to get to my macbook.

I was initially looking at the Mango, but it’s only 2.4, I’m shooting for 50 mbps of constant speed for work.

So I started looking at Slate and GL-AR750, the former has gig ethernet ports and a better processor.

Any feedback on the best option? I don’t want to spend money on Slate if I don’t need to.


Well you basically answered your own question for your situation.
5ghz has more than the speed you need.
You can do a site survey on your macbook using Netspot:

2.4ghz is usually very crowded, Netspot will probably confirm that.
If you won’t be using the switch part of the Slate, ie connecting multiple 1gbit devices, then you can get an AR750. The Slate does however have external fold-able antennas that will give you better range, compared to other products that have internal antennas, so check the signal strength in Netspot. If the signal is not so strong, get the Slate.