Why Beryl MT1300 have no NAND?

website say it’s next era of slate
slate got 128MB Nand which let u install something.

Beryl if ONLY 32MB Nor, it’s a degradation.


ps, there is a A1300 coming?

travel router needs built in battery now if its going too be intrest on buying

Not sure if many folks used the extra space on Slate (AR-750S) - similar to the other QCA based devices…

Beryl MT1300 is mediatek - and seems like a pretty good chipset all in all…

QCA is represented in the product line with the S1300/B1300 products - and there, the IPQ40xx is a fairly decent device, although at the moment, they’re running QSDK vs OpenWRT.

The chipset just does not support Nand.