Wi-Fi call dropping

Hello, I have a Velica mesh network with one Main and 1 node. I have a wireguard profile always on. My issue is that when I walk around the apartment and I’m on a Wi-Fi call with iOS 16 or on a conference call on my laptop, the call/conference call is dropped when the connection switches between nodes. The latency is measured at around 40-50ms. Any suggestions?

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Is it Wireguard client or server?

Also except for ios16 so you have a problem with other devices.

ios16 WiFi seems have some problems that I didn’t meet before. Only tested one iphone.
So it is still not very clear to me though.

There is SQM(Smart Que Managment) and QOS (Quality Of Service) not sure how it works with a MESH setup. These are added in LuCi or SSH don’t forget to load Luci-app of the package too. SQM helps to alleviate bufferbloat. You need something that is able to prioritize packets

It’s client.

I have a similar issue with my laptop on Windows 11.

Im over running two devices only so I don’t expect this issue to be due to uneven traffic.

Can you check if you do not use Wireguard, does this happen? Just to check if this has something related to Wireguard