Wifi access point for wifi cameras

i’d like to use any of your 4G WiFI access points to connect two WiFi camera for security surveillance and motion detection in an area where:

  • there is a good 4G/LTE signal
  • no (A)DSL internet is available
  • ordinary power supply is available, but i’d like the device to be battery powered for some hours even in case of power line failure.

Looks like the Spitz (GL-X750) could be a good fit but i wonder what is the WiFi range? Ideally the cameras would be put at 20 meters from the access point.
i’d add a MiniUPS in order to overcome the lack of a battery for uninterrupted power supply.


In open space 20 meters should be good. So depends on the obstacles signal could be different.

Ok, thanks for the answer.
On the GL-X750, the two antennas are for GSM, which makes perfect sense in order to maximize cellular network reception.

What about WiFi external antennas? The GL-X750 has only internal antennas, and the product i am searching for should have both GSM and WiFi external antennas to be a perfect fit for my scenario.

Any other product that I should look into in order to maxize WiFi coverage?


Sorry X750 does not have external wifi antenna. It really depends on if you need only 2.4G wifi or dual-band wifi. There will be too many antenna if you need everything