Wifi client mode adding in menu for future firmware

For my ARM300M-LITE as wifi client, finally works well under repeater mode, however I have to turn on its own wifi ( it might interfere the existed wifi). If turning off, the connection with existed wireless network would be lost. What I can do is to change the wifi power to zero.

Hence, that would be great if wifi client mode could be added in menu in future firmware. Please conside it, thanks!

The interface on repeater mode is different with AP. If the router works on repeater mode, you can turn off your AP. Which version do you use?

once turning AP, the saved wifi internet will lost connection.

my firmware version : 2.7

Hi, i didn’t understand if is it possible to use client mode disabling the GL-inet AP. Is this possible or not?
I would like to connect a device without wifi (with lan cable) to my existing wifi network, but i don’t need/want a repeated wifi…