WiFi failures AX1800 flint

Dear Team,
I hope all is well.

I am still facing issues with wifi on Flint AX1800.when I schedule wifi to be turned off more than half the times the wifi is not connecting afterwards and a restart is needed.

Also, randomly, the wifi connection will fail and also requires restart. While it is working fine it will loose connection.

Can you please investigate these 2 issues and hopefully fix them though the next firmware release?


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What is your current firmware version?
Can I export the logs? You can export it at SYSTEM->LOG->Export.

Dear @luochongjun ,
Thank you for your reply. I am on 4.2.0 release 3 firmware. Did not update to 4.2.1 yet. Though this issue pre existed in version 3.x and 4.x.

Here is the log file (saved as zip I could upload):
logread.zip (19.5 KB)


Any feedback?
Can this fix be added in next firmware release?

Drop of wifi and loss of wifi access after scheduled tasks and randomly is still an issue