Wifi for GL-MT1300 not showing up

Hi there,

I bought a used GL-MT1300. Not knowing what configuration has been installed, I wanted to immediately hard reset the device. Booting up I get a solid blue/gray light. Keeping the “reset” button pressed while booting the device gives me a solid white light. In either case I do not get the “GL-MT1300-cXX” wifi showing up on either my smartphone or Mac.

Maybe the reset button isn’t working on my router? Maybe the router itself isn’t working? I am unsure what’s going on here. I should also mention the original power supply was not included. Although I can’t imagine this to be the issue here.

Update: Trying to acess the admin panel through ethernet has not worked for my either. Windows 11 does not detect the ethernet connection when the Beryl is hooked up.

Maybe it has third-party firmware installed. You can try to reinstall official firmware via Uboot.

@yuxin.zou I can’t enter the web gui for uboot either. Windows doesn’t even recognize there is a network device attached at the ethernet port.

Is it possible to flash official firmware through USB or some other way than the web gui?

It also works with ssh, but you don’t have any way to connect to the device now. No Wi-Fi and the network cable is not recognised…

Seems this way you entered the uboot failsafe.

If you observe the uboot failsafe precedure, you should be able to access the uboot web.

BTW, one common problem is the power adapter. Pls usethe original power adapter. Or try a good power adapter which is generally for smartphones.