WiFi Hotspot in Repeater Mode (Issue?)

Hey, I’ve got an AR150 although I’ve also tested on my GLI1616 router, and I’m having some trouble connecting to free WiFi hotspots.

It works fine with ethernet connections and connecting to my own connection, but I’ve been unable to make it work with any public hotspot.

It seems to be any hotspot where web authentication is required, such as a page that you agree to the t&c’s of the wifi. On most devices, trying to go to a website like google.com will bring up this page.

Is there any way around this or does OpenWRT/GLI simply not support public hotspots?</span></p>

Does the public hotspot needs a password?

Does the router get an IP from the hotspot?

If the router get an IP, you can connect to the router and open browser on your mobile, the auth page should pop up.

Another way, auth first using your mobile phone, then clone the MAC address of you mobile to the Router. You can just click the mac address on the bottom of the webui to set the clone. In mobile UI, click Internet status, then there will be a button for mac clone.

I recently spent 6 weeks in the same hotel. I found that connecting through the router and accessing the hotel portal to be randomly problematic. I had various issues at different points in time with no pattern I could discern.

Sometime I would see a system tray notification (Win 7 pro) telling me that there was a browser action I may need to address (I do not recall the exact message). Opening the browser would take me to a portal. Sometimes I would log in and it would immediately or shortly there after take me back to log in again. Sometimes I would not get an alert and be connected, sometimes not. I ended up saving the portal page as a favorite and found that this was the most reliable way to gain access, but even that did not always work. The hotel I was at would inform me of the lease time, which seems to be shorter than the 12 hrs they offered when I connected my PC directly.

I have some other places I went to that I had no issues, and others no matter what I tried I could not log in.

I do not think this to be a GLI issue, but a general OpenWrt issue.

Sounds similar to this: http://www.sevenforums.com/network-sharing/110302-wifi-hotspot-login-problem.html

Did you try registering the 6416 SSID as a Private Network and leaving the security up to OpenWRT?