WiFi keeps dropping then re-appearing

My Wi-Fi networks keep vanishing, then reappearing a few minutes later. My WAN connection (Starlink) is stable. But the router keeps glitching, wifi vanishes (all broadcasting, 5ghz, 2.4ghz, and my guest network). The power stays on with the router, but the wifi cycles off then re-establishes.

I’ve confirmed the router isn’t overloaded or overheating, stats look fine, it’s not an interference issue with anything else on the same channel - I’m stumped.

Random time in between events - every 5 minutes sometimes, every few hours other times.

Does anyone have any ideas?

What router do you use and what firmware is installed on it?

What charger do you use? 5V 2 A, 5V 3A, 12V 2A etc…

What model of your device? What fimrware verizon are you using?