WiFi/MiFi for campervan build

Hi guys, I’m looking for the best product solution for my campervan/RV.

I’ve been trying to decide between using a Mudi (standalone) or a Slate Plus (with Netgear M1 hotspot router) for my campervan. I plan to mangle TTL using either T-Mobile or Visible. Are there any known issues with either product that would prevent me from doing so? I have a handful of devices that need WiFi, so ethernet isn’t necessary.

Also, if I go with the Mudi, which version would be better for boondocking coverage? EC25-AF or the EP06-A? Would there be any issues with leaving the Mudi plugged into an external power source indefinitely? Is there an option in settings to disable its interns charging circuit so that it doesn’t destroy the internal battery?

Would the Spitz X750v2 offer any advantages over the Mudi aside from the external antennas? I was planning to modify the Mudi to accept external antennas anyways.

Thanks in advance!

For Visible you need to clone your phone’s IMEI to the router if you use Mudi. Not sure if this is necessary for M1.

T-Mobile is generally OK. Just make sure it is a SIM that allows to share data.

Pls choose EP06-A for Mudi.
Do not always connect power to Mudi as it is not good for the battery.
Pls don’t change Mudi to add external antenna.

If you do not need battery, X750 is better fit.

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Thank you for the response alzhao!

The M1 worked ok with Visible without cloning the IMEI, but I only tested it for a month. Maybe that would be necessary if I used it long term.

I will take a closer look at the X750v2.

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If I go with the Spitz X750v2, should I also get that with the EP06-A? I see you guys have it on sale right now at Amazon (for $119.90 + 15% off coupon), but it is the version with the EC25-AFFA.

X750V2 with EP06 pls select

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