Wifi to LAN/Wifi bridge

I am using an AR750s on a boat to create a small ethernet LAN with WiFi to allow devices to access other onboard devices (computers, instruments, etc). The WAN port is currently unused this in this mode.
I would like to be able to bridge the router to marina wifi so that the onboard LAN/WIFI can access the internet. In other words, while in the Marina, devices in the onboard LAN/WFI network would have internet access. While at sea, the LAN/WIFI is local only.
I’m leaning towards a separate wifi bridge that would be connected to the router WAN port to accomplish this, but was curious if the AF750s could accomplish this on it’s own. A separate bridge may be required as an external antenna might be needed in order to get a good signal. Open to any thoughts/ideas.

Isn’t this just a simple wifi repeater which you can do using the UI easily?

Thanks. I did try that, but get issues when I place the unit in repeater mode. Lots of dropped connections between the router and host WIFI (lost connection indicated on the UI), as well as heavy packet loss. Is there a way to get signal strength detail from the cli, not just the bars in the UI to determine if that’s the cause? The UI shows all bars as green on the WIFI scan.

Disregard the wireless level question. I found wifi signal levels under the advanced portion of the UI.