Wireguard acces to client (Mango)


I have a OPNSENSE server Wireguard, and need a clients wireguard config in Mango.

The WG vpn in Mnago is accesing to the server OK, but i nned acces to Mango devices connecteds.

When ping to the local Lan (Opnsense) to Mango its not ping.

My config is:

192.168.5.x ( OPNSENSE)
10.10.10.x (WG )
192.168.8.x (Mango GliNET)

Is possible this config??

Do you have “Access Local Network” enabled on Mango? Is added to AllowedIPs on OPNSENSE?

The option Acces local Netowrk on Mango is checked,
But the allowed IPS in Opnsesense in WG option??

You need to add to the Allowed IPs configuration of the WireGuard Endpoint corresponding to the Mango
OPNsense → VPN → WireGuard → Endpoints

Yes i add the ip, and the same problem…

The Mango config

Can you run traceroute command in your OPNsense?

traceroute 192.168.8.x

192.168.8.x is your any client’s IP.

/usr/sbin/traceroute -w 2 -n -m ‘18’ -s ‘’ ‘’

traceroute to ( from, 18 hops max, 40 byte packets
1 30.137 ms 21.965 ms 38.008 ms

If put a ip acess to Mnago config web.

If you can reach devices on the Mango LAN from the OPNsense, but cannot reach the same devices from a client device connected to the OPNsense, then you may need to add a route on the OPNsense to go through WireGuard.

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Are you hiding the intermediate nodes of traceroute?
I may not have been clear, there are two most likely cases that could be causing this problem

  1. OPNSense is not sending traffic to 192.168.8.x via VPN. This is a routing issue on OPNSense.
  2. Requests from the VPN are being blocked by Mango and are not reaching the LAN. this is a firewall issue on Mango.

Please use traceroute or check the route table on OPNSense to confirm if this is the case 1.

I create a route 192.168.8.x by WG Interface…

How to disable the router in Mango?

I don’t understand what you mean, are you trying to disable the firewall? You can check the forwarding settings of the firewall in the LuCI interface.

What is the route that you created on OPNsense, including the Destination IP/Netmask, Gateway IP and Interface Name?