Wireguard ACTION=REKEY-TIMEOUT after changing Mullvad account number

I recently changed my mullvad account to a new number. I tried to update the account number using the WireGuard Client dashboard, but I still just always receive this error. Is there another config that I need to update to move to the new account?

Personally speaking I don’t trust the built in ‘Mullvad / AizireVPN’ ‘helper functions’ as changes to the VPN provider’s infrastructure are known to break as GL lags behind updates… one change on their web site/authentication system renders the GL helpers useless.

Pull down new confs fr Mullvad & manually upload 'em to GL GUI → VPN → WireGuard Client → [create new group] → Add Configuration.

Delete the old confs once back online.

You have to delete all Mullvad config before.
Just updating won’t help because the config will not be renewed then.

Login is for getting the config files only - not the VPN service itself.