Wireguard and public ip

I have updated my MT300N-G2 to 3.216 and resetted the configuration.
Then I have configurated my VPN using wireguard to my home fritzbox.

The VPN works because I have access to the devices of my home lan.
The issue is that the devices connected to the remote MT300 keeps browsing internet with the public ip of the MT300, not that one of the fritzbox.

Please, help me
Best regards

I assume you have an appropriate VPN Policy & the Kill Switch feature active on the Mango, yes? If not, give it a test just to be sure the WG Client is connected as expected.

Thanks you for your reply

Yes, I have already tried both. With VPN configured to choose my laptop, NO changes.

The killswitch works well: the browsing is stopped because the laptop goes on the internet directly and not through the VPN