Wireguard client (GL-B1300) can only connect to the internet and not to the other lan

I have a GL-B1300 with firmware 3.211 stable and want to use it as a travel router with a wireguard connection to my home network. There is an Opnsense firewall, which is already connected to several clients and works perfectly.

Setting up the GL-B1300 with the Wireguard client has worked, and it establishes a VPN (wireguard client) connection. The problem is that I cannot access my home network, internet works. The other Wireguard clients have no problem accessing the home network. But when I connect a device to the router and want to access the network via it, it doesn’t work.


Client → GL-B1300 (VPN Client) → Internet → Opnsense (VPN Server) → Subnet (,

What could be the reason for this? All IPs are enabled with

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Why do you have two subnet after the Opensense?

What is the subnet that Opensense is on?

Not only need to allow all IPs but need to set up route I think.

I have overall 7 subnets, to separate for example my working computer from the private network, separate outside lan cams from the facility server, webserver, etc.

Opnsense is with wireguard and the

So the topology is like this:
Client (→ GL-B1300 ( (VPN Client → → Internet → Opnsense (VPN Server and internal the gateway for all subnets, so,…) → Subnet (,

How has the static route look like? I need only to access to npt back.

You can try the following static routes first

ip route add via dev wg0