Wireguard Client on GL-AR750 (release 3.025-0618) not working


I have updated GL-AR750 with release 3.025 and now wireguard client isn’t connecting with Mullvad. I can see all servers listed but none of the servers are connecting. Anyone has an advice?

Can it work before upgrading?

I did not see 3.025 in gl-ar750 testing download directory. but it is in the gl-ar750s testing directory. Can you use the ar750s firmware on ar750?

I meant AR750s, Slate.

Issue resolved aftet I deleted all security tokens previously issued logging into my mullvad account. I had reached token limit.

But one issue is what I always face. Whenever I add wireguard client setting choosing “Mullvad” it fails to get settings from Mullvad. I connect to Mullvad via OpenVPN, add Wireguard setting again choosing Mullvad, close OpenVPN session and connect to Wireguard. Fetching wireguard client setting from Mullvad fails without a OpenVPN connection first.

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