Wireguard drops when rebooting Opal

As title says, Wireguard VPN doesn’t survive if GL-SFT1200 is power cycled, or rebooted.
I’m assuming this isn’t by design.
Each time power comes back I have to enter admin panel and manually start Wireguard client again.
Can this be fixed?
I’m on latest firmware.

Of course, you can improve your experience and try the solution from the link that I left below:)
You can do these manipulations in the LuCI web interface using the following path System > Startup > Local Startup
so that the command automatically starts Wireguard when the router boots up. But it is better to find the real reason and wait for a solution from Glinet support.

Received your config. I will let @hansome to have a check.

This issue has been resolved by @hansome remotely, it was the physical switch of the Opal in the wrong position, now WG client survives reboot.

5 star support