Wireguard only connection

The VPN client has the option of internet only if VPN is active. I don’t see this option with the Wireguard client. What happens to the internet if WG connection goes down?
(AR300M, v3)

Avoid data leak, we remove the option. If vpn lost connection, all clients can’t access the internet.

So, can you kindly confirm :
Once I have clicked “connect” in the OpenVPN menu, the internet kill switch (ie. no internet if VPN fails) is active,(even after a rebboot)?


Yes. When vpn is not connected, you have no internet.

Thanks! That explains why the Force VPN option has been removed.

So , with v3 firmware, say I wanted to use the router with a captive portal.
The only way I can figure out how to use a captive portal to log in is to go to advanced\network\firewall , then change forward to accept, log in, then change forward back to reject. Is there another way?

You can disable vpn and connect first.

We are designing a daemon for this purpose but it needs time

It‘s really a problem. I’m using Wireguard regularly. But I also want to use the router without VPN. Unfortunately I‘m not able to get an internet connection anymore without Wireguard being enabled. But I don’t want to delete my Wireguard configuration.
=> urgently needed: if Wireguard got MANUALLY disabled (eg with the hardware button), then the kill-switch must be disabled as well.
Any suggestion, how I can get my 750 with firmware 3 connected without Wireguard again?

You can just disconnect (or disable) wireguard then you have normal Internet.
No need to delete wireguard.

Unfortunately exactly this did not work. Not even after a reboot …

maybe you can check if you have any other thing setup except for wireguard.

I never get any feedback from anyone like this as this is the basic function.

If necessary ssh to the box and check using command

cat /etc/config/firewall
ip route