WireGuard Package not updating on GL UI

Hi, managed to compile wireguard 0429 for B1300 and updated them.
after installing, the WireGuard Server UI doenst update connected clients anymore. any idea what could be the problem?
stop/start button works, ssh and entering wg command shows peers.

[IPKs if anyone is interested], package includes (107.6 KB file on MEGA)

Should it be a problem of kernel match?

ah ok. i don’t know hence i’m asking. not too big of a deal since it’s still working in the background

I see. It should be the wireguard tools. We patched it to get status of Wireguard. That is why your own version cannot detect status, but it works.

able to include a patch based on this latest version into the next firmware?

Update wireguard to the latest version right? That is for sure.