Wireguard Server Issue on GLI Routers running 4 and above

I am seeing that on GLI Devices ( AX1800- Flint) running version 4 and above, when Wireguard server is set and the client connects, there is not internet connectivity.

With the same config and port forwards on my main cable modem, I was able to get Clients connected to the Wireguard server set up on AX1800 Flints running version 3.214.

Adding on to that, I also tested the same configuration on GLI SF1200(AC1200) running 3.2.16 as a Wire guard server and clients were able to connect and access the internet.

Is there any open bug that is being investigated for Wireguard server configs not working on firmware 4 and above.

Although I don’t use WG connection, I see many users complaining about the same issue you described. It seems to me there is a bug.

You either need to investigate it in your own or flash different firmware till it is resolved.

Is there a bug raised for this already that I could wait on / track.
Also, if I go from 4. to 3 firmware , would my GLI Flint ( AX1800) be working fine.

You mentioned investigating it at my own, any pointers that could help .

If a client get connected successfully but cannot access the internet, check the DNS first. Then check the routing table on the flint.

Still stuck here.
I see traffic between the WG Server on GLI AX1800 , but on the client Internet does now work.
Any help would be appreciated .

@ yuxin.zou can you help here