Wireguard server not working randomly, showing etablished connection, then works again minutes later

I have the following issue on my Brume 2 since some time, not sure when it started to happen, mostly after a fw update, using the latest stable 4.5.16,

that I can connect to the Brume 2 via Wireguard, WG shows etablished connection, but I cant reach the router through the tunnel. Pinging the router for example does not work through the tunnel.

Waiting a few minutes for example 5 to 10 minutes, and it suddenly is working again fine.

The issue randomly happens from time to time, and I dont know whats causing it.

Anyone seen this issue too before?


Kindly let me know more details info about your WG configuration:

Share the WG conf file with me via PM if you are conveniently and I will try it at my side.
If not, please capture the syslog about the WG re-connect process, and post it here, let us try to find the reason.