WireGuard Server Option "allow remote access LAN" does not work


while beeing to the road i want to use Brume 2 as an ‘Internet Breakout’ from my home ONLY … without granting any other rights to connecting clients to use any other LAN ressources (NAS, …) - i thought using wireguard server would solve this
in short: internet exit point: yes - connect to NAS and anything else on LAN: no

On my Brume 2 with firmware v4.2.1 the VPN / VPN Dashboard / WireGuard Server Option
“allow remote access LAN” seems not to work for me.
My understanding is: if enabled is should reach ressources inside local lan - if not … not
My Goal: NOT to reach ressources on LAN … but Switching option does not make any difference - ressource within LAN keep reachable

What am i missing?
kindest regards

Your understanding is correct, maybe you can check your configuration through this link, the link is in Chinese, you need to translate it yourself.