Wireguard server stoooed working

I have 2 Gl-inet 300 routers inatalled at two locations that I use as wireguard servers. Both have been working for several months but in the past few days one of them stopped working. I had thought that the ISP IP address might be the problem but I changed the address on the client but no difference. I am able to remotely access the router and I created a new QR code and added that as a tunnel but it also did not work. (I am not able to remotely access the working router - customer service could not figure out why either). Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

I wanted to add I’ve been having the exact same issues. Using wireguard client for a year without any problems but suddenly the last couple days I cannot use it. I used the automatic method for both mullvad and azire and even tried manually inputting.

It will connect but always drops within 5 minutes. I wonder if wireguard was updated and the routers need an update as well.

This is not an isolated incident for the op. I changed nothing and it suddenly had issues.
Hopefully the issue can be found because it certainly does exist within the router.

What is odd that it works on one of my two routers. Both were purchased back in March.

As wireguard does not have logs, are you able to generate a client QR or config for me to test?

He is talking about wireguard server and you are talking about wireguard client. It is different. Pls put in a different thread.

I recorded your wireguard confirm and deleted your post. You’d better send the config privately.

I’ll contact you privately and check if we can solve