Wireguard VPN Lan access from Server to Client

I have a customer site with a GL-X750, Lan ip gateway It is VPN connected to GL-AR750S Wireguard Server at our office which is I can ping the VPN server ( from the client ( and vice versa I can ping the client from the server.
I can access lan network attached to the Server when at the Client.
The problem is I can not ping or access Lan on the VPN Client network when I am at the Server location. I found another thread about this issue adding list
to the /etc/config/wireguard_server file. That did not work for me.
I have searched and searched and read the forum I can not seem to find the solution.

Wireguard Server
Wireguard Client

Any help is Appreciated!

I can recommend to give this a read https://medium.com/@jmarhee/configuring-and-managing-routes-between-multiple-networks-with-wireguard-61ad995c887c

Use GL.iNet GoodCloud S2S to link and manage your multiple offices.

did you open the port on your server, an udp port not tcp port?

Here is my setup

any help is appreciated

The Tunnel is working… just cant access the Lan devices 10.1.10.XX from outside network.
I am trying to use wireguard, but open vpn is fine too…

which port on vpn server?

does this work if I cant access the client from the web? It is tmobile and it seems that the ip address is not public on a hotspot. Oddly enough when connected to the same cell tower, I am able to access, but if I drive home I can no longer access the same address I was able to 20 min ago. This is why I have made it a client and connect to office which I can access anytime via DDNS.

That did not work for me.

When using GoodCloud s2s only one node need to have a public IP. So as your AR750S is in your office and it can always work as the server. So no matter you are in cariers or home, you can use S2S to access multiple locations.

But for your case, does your home ISP blocked some ports?

it worked and synced up the site to site connection was made. I still could not access my lan devices on my “client”

can you send you settings with screenshot to support@gl-inet.com

Did this get worked out? I have the same issue. I would like to connect to device on the LAN side of the Wireguard VPN Client from the VPN server.