WireGuard VPN menu items disappeared?

I have a GL-AR750S running the 3.009 firmware. I updated the gl-wg and gl-wg-server packages after seeing a post suggesting that doing so might fix a problem setting up AzireVPN, but now the WireGuard menu items in the web UI have disappeared. What can I do to get them back?

Did you try to clear browser’s cache? You can try and see if it works.

I cleared the cache and now the OpenVPN Client is gone, too (I only have OpenVPN Server under VPN in the menu). I can still get to the OpenVPN Client page by manually editing the URL to… which also works for getting to the WireGuard Client page at, so it’s really just an issue of the menu.

… or maybe not. Trying to save a config for either Azire or Mullvad, I get the same “Warning: The API is unavailable!” popup.

maybe you can just try the newest 3.013 firmware in testing folder.

With the 3.013 firmware, the menu items are back and I was able to set up and use Mullvad. (My download speeds are like 8x what I was seeing on OpenVPN!)

I tried setting up Azire, and it said it succeeded, but the WireGuard Client page didn’t change from the empty state.