Wireguard VPN with Multi-WAN not working

I’m running a Wireguard VPN client on GL-AX1800 v4.4.6.

In it I have the GL-SFT1200 v4.3.7 repeater added as main number 1.

It turns out that the router continues to use the internet from the ethernet network, which is the secondary one. Does not respect the configuration made in Multi-WAN when the VPN client is activated.

I noticed this because the Ethernet network has 500MB while the repeater only has 300. When I do a speed test with the VPN activated and the repeater selected, it delivers more than 400MB of speed, which indicates that it is using the secondary network instead of the primary.

And when the router restarts the wireguard client it does not connect automatically.

The icon turns orange. Completely bugged.