Wireless bridge on AR750, receive in 2.4GHz Broadcast in 5GHz

as above, will we be able to do a bridge where we will connect to existing wifi at 2.4 for the WAN but broadcast 5GHz for the LAN?

You can use 2.4G for client and 5G for LAN.

But it is not bridge, meaning there is a firewall in the middle. The router actually created its own network.

got it. very tmepting to upgrade from my AR300-Ext… will give it more thought. thank you

hey alphie,

is that to say you cannot use 5G for client and 2.4G for LAN?


Both 2.4G and 5G can work as Client or AP, so you can use both. There are 4 combinations

2.4G Client -> 2.4G AP

2.4G Client -> 5G AP

5G Client -> 2.4G AP

5G Client -> 5G AP

Great feature. But because 2.4 is most common (certainly on camping and hotel) I would expect an option for a external antenna on 2.4 not only on 5 as you explained elsewhere in this forum.