Wireless dead zones

I am trying to solve wireless dead zones at home. The existing router is incapable of providing coverage at the outer edges and I cannot relocate it so I was thinking adding some other access points to those areas would improve the situation. I noticed the web store has the microuter N300 at a good price. Would this be a good choice for expanding the coverage of my wireless network? Thanks.

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I think all the GL products can meet your requirements, so you can choose any one according to your requirements

Access point or repeaters?

Access point is connected to the main router via Ethernet cable, repeater is connected via wireless.

Any of the units should work fine as an access point (except the Micro router N150 as it doesn’t have an ethernet port) and similarly any of them should also work as a wireless repeater. Just don’t forget if you purchase an N300 unit it only has single 2. 4Ghz so as a WiFi repeater you’ll “lose” half your speed due to backhaul and LAN on the same band.