Wireless not working

GL-MT1300 with firmware 3.216
After updating the firmware to 4.? It seemed to be successful but could no longer use the repeater which is the only capability i use. I was able to successfully revert to the3.x version but still wont see anything.
When i try channel optimization it fails.
Not sure what to try? Is it possible that the radio stopped working?

Get ‘eyes up’ first:

Does its own wifi still work?

No, wifi does not work

Did you reset all settings already?

I did a hard reset multiple times. Is there another way to reset settings?

When you reset the device you must address If you still have issues then clear the cache of your browser and try again. If you cannot see a wifi signal from the device then you need to connect via ethernet, most likely it smells like a cache issue or a you issue by using the wrong address…

When upgrading the beryl to 4x you should use the gli app. When I flashed mine via the Web page it failed and reset itself back to 3.216 after a few minutes of pure panic.

If still stuck then write back.

I really think the update to 4 was ok, but since then no wifi. I can connect via Ethernet with no issues

Login to the router and make sure it’s all set for your region, including in luci>network>wireless. My router was set to Chinese and I needed English.

Can you pls send me the log? Maybe the radio is damaged.