Wireless Repeater Bridge Problems

Hi everyone,

I am trying to set up a configuration as follows:

Internet - > Wireless modem -> GL-AR300M -> GL-AR150

The idea is that the GL-AR150 acts as a repeater with the same SSID as the GL-AR300M and that all devices connected directly to the GL-AR300M can see all the devices connected to the GL-AR150 and vice versa.

I have been able to set things up so that the GL-AR150 connects to the GL-AR300M and acts as a repeater. The problem is that none of the devices connected to one router can see the devices on the other router.

I would be grateful for help with the configuration so that all devices can communicate with one another.

The Spider

Please use WDS when you set up repeater.

Then all devices will be in the subnet of AR300M