WISP mode off line B1300 rounter

dear engineer i am using gl B-1300 rounter.neighbor give us a wifi for free without password. so i use this rounter wisp function.exchang the ssid and give the key individual. it can work normaly uless power interrupt . after reboot i enter the main page notice that botton 2.4G 173M were shut off automaticly.just reopen it can reconect wisp.please check that whether the problem is isolated case.
another problem is the speed.in mode wisp the speed of download almost 30 percent as i use my smart phone conect directly. (2.4G,5Guse the same ssid´╝ëtoo slow.any way can i speed it up?

  1. you can save the network when you connect and it should auto-connect afterwards.

  2. move router closer to source / pay up and get your own wifi.

1.i have almost saved. problem comes out after power suddent interrupt 2.4g shut down
2.my phone 3 meter away from the rounter without wall between them.

wisp off line severl times again this two day.

So, move your GL router closer to the source router.

maybe the signal is not good enough .but every time when the line off i must open the 2.4G botton manual .it cant reconect automaticaly.