WISP mode unwanted devices listed in DHCP Clients

I have a GL-AR750 running in WISP mode, connecting to the WiFi network of a hotel I am staying at. I currently see 18 devices listed in the configuration interface (only 2 of them are mine!), listed as DHCP leases. Screenshot attached.

Not entirely sure what is going on and a bit concerned that I am seeing all these random devices as “DHCP Clients”. Can you explain what this is, shouldn’t this device be isolated from the upstream network?

I have tried restricting the listen interface to be LAN only in Luci but that didn’t change anything, I still see rogue devices. Screenshot also attached.


Yikes @ the screenshot!

Note: your firmware is out of date - please update.

Off topic, but, what has been your experience or success rate using WISP with the AR750? I travel a lot, staying mostly at Marriott properties.

I used to have the AR750 working fine, but I found some hotel which registration portal cannot be reached behind the AR.
And I can see it with Marriott for instance, hotel you mentioned.
Can you please share how you do it in this case ?
I’m wondering if there is way to install get access to a we browser running on the GL, so I can do the registration from it.

Been loads of posts on captive portals and how to do it etc.

Also, a new testing firmware which you can try and report back on:

Thank you. All fixed since I was not changing the MAC address to my phone’s MAC

Their model is AR-750, but you give AR-750S url :joy:
The test firmware for GL-AR750 GL.iNet download center
The release firmware for GL-AR750 GL.iNet download center

Good spot - have fixed link.