WLAN - Companion for Brume 2


after a while I had my setup ready and the Brume 2 acts as router for a separated Network (second NAT) behind my DSL-Modem / Router.

Currently, I have connected a TP-Link AX55 to the Brume in AP Mode to provide WLAN.

No I wanted to extend my WLAN and bought two Range Extender (dlink dap-x1860) which have an 1GB Ethernet Port, so they can work wired or unwired to extend the network. They were quite cheap, so I bought them. They are able to run openWRT that was an additional reason.

No I think about to replace the TP-Link router with another AP / Router that is also able to run openWRT and has some GB LAN Ports. I think that would be better and will allow me to create a Mesh Network based on openWRT.

I looked at GL iNet which device would fit best, but I am not sure. It looks, that all the devices can also do what the Brume does which would make the Brume obsolete. I thought about Convexa B because I guess it already uses openWRT Mesh . But it seems not to be available.

Any tips which device I should use for that?

Thank you

Convexa B mesh is based on the older OpenWRT version 15.05 (QSDK wifi-son). Currently, pure OpenWRT open-source mesh has not been implemented on it.

However, repeater or extender mode of almost all GL devices could be a choice to extend the network.