WPA android unstable connection

I have an droid device that when I set my X750 connection to use WPA2 and WPA3, the android connects directly to WPA3, but it connects for around 10 seconds then disconnects, I connect manually then it disconnects after a few seconds again…is it a bug?

What is the model?

Can you connect to WPA2 stablely?

GL-inet X750v2 the router, the phone android motorola one macro.
Yes, I can connect with WPA2 only, with WPA2 & WPA3 no, and with only WPA3 no.

Seems there is a compatibility issues between the phone and the router in WPA3.

I wonder if you can use WPA2 for now.

Will definitely do more testing on WPA3.

I am using WPA2 only for now and it works, but I would like to use WPA3. But anyway the experience overall is great, thanks for the great work!

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