WPA Enterprise problem

I have an AR750 running fw 2.272 and I am a little confused about what I need to do to get WPA Enterprise authentication working. I saw a post that mentioned removing miniwpad and installing wpad. I removed miniwpad but when I went to install wpad it said it was already installed and up-to-date. I never did that so I’m not sure if that’s already included in 2.272 or what that’s about. In any event since it’s installed I’m unclear what to do next. I found /etc/config/wireless and the wifi-iface ‘sta’ settings which have my last wifi connection settings. Does anyone have a tried and true configuration for connecting to WPA Enterprise wifi? Thanks.

(Also as an aside, I understand fw 3.x has support for WPA Ent but I’ve already tried updating to that but OpenVPN doesn’t work correctly for me. I get OpenSSL errors with my CA’s certificates/keys. I have no idea why and found a few other people talking about it but I gave up and went back to 2.272 which works perfect without changing anything)

Disregard my previous request for help. I figured out that you can use luci to create a new connection manually. I actually had tried that but realized you have to disable the built-in wifi in order to get it to work.

It seems after a reboot you still have to go in and manually enable the network to connect? It didn’t seem automatic. One step closer…

Any log? It would be help if you can put the detailed log in here.

You can try to stop and remove gl_repeater.

killall gl_repeater
mv /usr/bin/gl_repeater /usr/bin/gl_repeater.bak
root@GL-AR750:~# killall gl_repeater
killall: gl_repeater: no process killed
root@GL-AR750:~# mv /usr/bin/gl_repeater /usr/bin/gl_repeater.bak
mv: can't rename '/usr/bin/gl_repeater': No such file or directory

Looks like that got removed, maybe when I removed mini-wpad? In any event I am going to be trying it again tonight and will report back. Now that I know what I’m doing a little better maybe it will go smoother.

As to the 3.x OpenVPN problems, I didn’t save any of the logs when I got it working on 2.272. The other thread I found with the same problems didn’t seem like it was getting resolved so that’s when I downgraded. When it worked I gave up though I figured I’ll be dealing with it again later. Interesting when I used openssl from the command line on my imported certificates I was getting errors. My theory at the time was because the openssl versions were different from the raspberry pi that is my CA and the AR750. Maybe I’ll order a new AR750 just to play around with 3.x and give it a try again.

You can try to use gl_health instead of gl_repeater, I forgot which the exact name.

v3.x should work fine.