WPA2 Enterprise 802.1x Access Point on B1300


We have several B1300 and need to create access points with WPA2 Enterprise with external radius server on firmware 3.022.

We cannot remove wpad-mini to install wpad because it doesn’t appears on packages lists.

What is needed to create WPA2 Enterprise AP?


Please refer to [OpenWrt Wiki] FreeRADIUS

From that url I would follow point 6, but before that works the driver has to support WPA Enterprise.

[OpenWrt Wiki] Configure Wi-Fi encryption This shows that wpad-mini does not support WPA2 Enterprise, and some time ago i read from GLI that you should uninstall wpad-mini and install wpad.

Now it seems that is supported without web GUI. B1300 Connecting to a WPA Enterprise Network

I will give it a try.


In B1300, use hostapd instead of wpad. Hostapd already supports WPA2, so you can skip the wpad installation step

@luochongjun does hostapd support 802.11r?