Wrong firmware flashed on mango

I accidentally sent a wrong firmware update to mango routers and now cannot recover them.
A built in script used mtd to write the wrong firmware to the devices.

This morning, I put one into recovery mode, (openwrt go to the GUI, browser and enter the correct file name then click on Update firmware.

The only thing that happens is ‘The connection was reset’ and nothing else.
I can still get back to the recovery page however so what’s going on?

The wrong image sent was nanopi, 13m gzip compressed. Uncompressed, the image is 168MB in size.

The script was supposed to use sysupgrade but mtd was used in testing and overlooked so now I have dozens of these mango stuck in this way.

Any way to recover?

Can you still ping the mango when in recovery mode?

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Yes, it pings the recovery As mentioned, I can also get to the GUI but once I start the firmware update, it just shows a browser reset.

Are you sure that you try to upload the right firmware?
After the reset, did you try to restart the mango?

As long as uboot is still working, it should be no problem to reflash.

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After clicking on update firmware, I’ve let it run for a long time and no change, it never reboots and the browser connection is lost.
I can refresh the url in the browser and the firmware update link comes back but that’s it. Then it does the same over and over.

Hm, in that case I don’t know what to do. Maybe trying from a different device and looking into the browser console for any errors.

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I found the answer. It’s because I was doing it over the network. Once I did it using a laptop it worked. I’ve done it over the network dozens of times but for some reason, this happened this time.

Now when this happens, I’ll use a pc or laptop connected directly.

Thanks for trying to help. You’re the only one that bothered.

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