WWAN Firewall Keep Dropping

We are currently using an AR300M, connected as a client wirelessly to our corporate network. Behind the router, we have a couple of devices physically connected to it where we can connect remotely, from our corporate network for remote operations. Everything works fine for some unknown amount of time, then all of a sudden, we will lose our connection to those devices.

From the corporate network, I can still ping the router, but all of the ports I have opened and forwarded can no longer be reached. If I go to the router and devices directly, everything still reports connected and is working fine. Even the router still shows connected to the network with no issues on it’s end. I haven’t been able to capture the issue in the system logs every time I run some experiment, but our best guess is that the corporate network is doing some kind of scan and causing the firewall rules to drop. We have had many discussions with our IT team, and as usual, they don’t see anything wrong on their end.

Is there any way we can set up the router to re-establish the firewall rules when this happens?

I have no idea of why.

Do you want the AR300M’s own network separate from your corporate network?

You may use set up VPN on the router then access all the devices behind AR300M from vpn?

In our firmware 3.105 we support VPN bridge so your clients on AR300M can be bridged direct to your vpn server.

We don’t. We want everything behind the router to be accessible from the corporate network. The reason we use the router is because the PC we need to access is inside a metal case and cannot connect to the network directly.

Unfortunately, VPN is not an option. This network out IT team setup is a completely isolated network. It can’t access anything outside of it’s own network. Including other internal corporate networks, and the internet.

I see. When this happens, in your router, do you have anything that can detect this.

If yes you can write a script to restart your firewall.