X3000 no udhcpc logs

My X3000 is somehow losing WAN DHCP IP every 3 days (after 6 renewals at 12h mark for 24h lease). I am trying to troubleshoot the issue but can’t find any udhcpc events in syslog (only LAN DHCP server dnsmasq logs in syslog). Where can I enable udhcpc logging of all udhcpc events?

also I get segfault on logread


root@GL-X3000:~# logread 
Segmentation fault

Upgrade to the beta firmware and test again.

Any particular issue fixed in beta firmware, or just upgrade and hope the problem goes away?

IDK man, something as severe as a segfault on such a basic command makes me want to do a Uboot flash to stable.

Let’s upgrade to the beta to see if the segfault goes away. For the udhcp it’s easy to enable the logs.

My modem is running on beta I will check it when. I go home.

I can confirm that logread is working fine in the beta firmware.

As for the udhcp logs, you can find them by:
logread -e udhcp

If you need more verbose logs, check out the script: