X3000 stuck on 4G and slow speeds

Hi all - I have got X3000 router going but I’m stuck on 4G only and a lot lower speed

I’ve tried band locking etc but to no avail

Any ideas how I can back onto 5G (The router is no use to me at these low speeds !!))

I’m in the UK - on the EE - Unlimited data - I normally get 700+ Mbps on 5G but only getting 50Mbps on 4G :frowning:


Please check if there are any 5G tower.

Can scan 5G tower via the follow function:


Thanks for the response

Yes I have LTE and NR5G-NSA signals available.

However if I try to connect to Band 78 it will not connect :frowning:

The NSA needs LTE band to work with 5G band.So it can’t use 5G band alone.


Looking at your screen shot you ARE connected to band 78. As @lizh mentioned, NSA connections require a LTE anchor band which is b1 per your screen shot.

Thank you - I have selected the relevant LTE bands and enabled all the NSA ones and yes I am now connecting to 5G NSA - however using the same SIM in the EE router I get really high speeds (500Mbps + ) - However in the X3000 I’m only getting around 100Mbps - There must be some other setting I am missing !

Compare the 5G band in X3000 and EE router.Than lock the same band.

You have the VPN activated. If OpenVPN means max 150 Mbps. Try without.

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Yes - That made all the difference - I did not know that OpenVPN had a speed cap (I do now) - I also tried Wireguard but I cannot get my static IP address to work with that - Thankls for your help - after more than a few restless night it’s going back for a refund.