X300B Collie GPS Inactive


How do I activate the GPS function in the X300B Collie router?
All other functions are enabled and working (wifi, 4G, cloud).


got this resolved. thanks.

Should be enable and work, as long as the GPS antenna is attached.

How do you solved the GPS problem?
I have the same issue.


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i have the same problem, do you have the solution?

Normally after the GPS antenna is connected, the GPS function will work.

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of course it’s connected, i have try with 3 reboot with the GPS antenna connected on :
→ GPS connector = KO
→ 4G 1 with GPS antenna = KO
→ 4G 2 with GPS antenna = KO

i have check the connection on the board… what can i do more?

Are you using outdoor?

Indoor you will not have signal.

On a windows ? is not enof?
i have recheck the connection on board like that

the GNSS is the GPS antenna that’s right?

Ok, i have put the GPS antenna outdoors, the GPS have the status “valid” with good data.
now i have a problem with goodcloud and the GPS, i have creat a new topic.