X300b compatible modem modules and carrier limitations

Ive been able to get my x300b gps to connect to my ATT service, but speedtest results in .5mb down and 4mb up.

I got this with the hope that the external antennae would provide better signal, and in the cell status page that is true.

Looking into other posts and documentation im starting to get the thought that because this is an IOT device, ATT likely is throttling the download? Is this a known carrier behavior?

If true, are there compatible modules that i can replace that may not be registered as an IoT device?

What speeds do you get if you put the SIM in a smartphone? Your AT&T plan may a reduced IoT-specific plan.

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I get 20mbps down by 4 up in the cellphone.

I ended up giving up, turning the dials and tickling the ttl to get the network to accept it as a phone and not tethering. It would almost always immediately redierct all traffic to the “tethering not available redirect page”

If theres anotherway id still like to give it a shot, but getting it to connect with what i tried didn’t have a reliable method

Seems just week signal.

Is there a configuration that’s undocumented that can connect and route data through the same data channel a phone would use? It seems that the way the network is connected to as a modem is detected differently than the phone does

Did you try changing MTU to 1420 and TTL to 64?

shouldn’t ttl be 65?

I set mtu 1430 which is documented as atts network mtu, 1420 is their IOT firstnet mtu. Is there something special about 1420?

Im also confused about the distinction on ttl. I believe the sysctl should be set to 64, since those packets originate from the router and iptables mangle should set to 65 so they decrement and exit to 64.

Is 1420 and 64 egres ttl the known magic sauce, plus vpn?