Saw this in the downloads section. IS GLinet working on a upgrade to the MIFI? Please… please slimmer/smaller casing, faster LTE and better signal. Willing to pay double price for these if better quality.

This is another model without battery.

But we surely take your suggestions for next WiFi version.

Actually we found that by just changing the LTE module the speed could goes much higher in current mifi. We are still testing this module and will improve the current design first. Then we may comes with a totally different design.

EP06A getting shipped with it? What’s the status on the new antenna for the MIFI?

We don’t have EP06A. We have a cat6 module EG06-G and it works great.

Are you sure you mean EG06-G? Not EG06-E?

EP06-E, my mistake.
EG06 should be a IoT version