X750 Antenna Port Loose

The LTE antenna port, one of them, is loose. I keep tightening from the outside, but it always loosens up. How can I open the case so I can tighten properly? I emailed GL, but no reply.


I too would like to know, mine does the same.

I know you take the sticker off the back to access 2 screw’s but I can’t get the case off. Is there an easy way without damaging it??

We have already replied on 2th Nov.

We have already replied you on 2th.

Take off the 2 screws it should be very easy to open the case.

It’s not easy. I can’t separate the top and bottom enclosure.

Do I need to use pliers or something?

I just tried and it should be easy.


You can use a thin thing (e.g. flat screwdrivers) to where I marked and open easily. I can open using my nail.

I keep a set of those “jewelers” screwdrives - Walmart,etc. A few bucks. They come in a yellow case, 5 or 6 different sizes phillips and flat. The flat ones, the smallest I use on my glasses and the smallest I used the phillpips on my x750. A gentle pry after the screws are out, presto.