X750 Loses Connection after power on from unplugging for a while tmobile tablet plan

I am using X750 v2 router I tried with latest firmware and latest beta firmware and I can get it to work on T-Mobile tablet sim with IMEI magic set up and 65 ttl with qcm settings but I lose Internet connection on start and it doesn’t work at times and I have to mess with it all the time. How can I get it to work all the time without issues. I get excellent signal and all looks good. Any help would be greatly appreciated please and thank you. I am not using ipv6 and don’t want to use it.

Which version of the firmware are you using?

Any of the firmware versions. I am on the latest version 3.217 I think it is I even tried the version 4. It works when I set it up but then I disconnect power to it and leave it off for a few hours or day or two and when I connect it back it is all there and reconnects but loses internet connection says it’s connected but no Internet so I have to disconnect the connection and manually setup again. I don’t know why this is an issue with T-Mobile sim I am using. I have same model router with an att sim and no issues.

If it is convenient for you, you can share the equipment to this account ‘gl.inet_support’. I’ll check some information.And please connect the network cable to the wan port.


So just plug it in at home and give it internet connection so you can access it and how to share to an account.