X750 plus USB dongle

I have an X750 that I currently use with a T-Mobile sim.

I’d like to use it to connect to a distant WiFi station, then share that connection with a new SSID locally. I previously did a project like this that was intended to work with a Raspberry Pi type device. GitHub - mdeangelo001/distant_network_extender: Setup Notes and files to connect Pine64 computer to a distant WiFi and create a local wifi and wired network. I can use that project and share the distant network via Ethernet cable as the WAN. That gets me “triple-NAT” however. So I would be better off just using that project as-is.

The easiest thing would be to connect a Linux compatible USB dongle to the USB port, then use a directional antenna.

Does the X750 support this? Can anyone provide resources on how to configure this? Are there “known good” USB wifi adapters that work?


Here is a method:

You can find some dongle with old 3070 or 8187 chipset which is the easiest to work with.