X750 spitz not detecting modem

I have the X750 Spitz with the EC25 modem. It is brand new, but the modem is no longer detected. Under the internet page it says No Modem device found. I am on the latest firmware. I have tried a factory rest and multiple reboots. Any way to fix this?

Take a look here 3) 3G/4G Modem, may have to experiment but should be USB3 interface. Also be sure LTE/UTMS/GPRS mode is selected. Set the correct APN and apply. Wait it may take a minute or so if everything correct. Internet - GL.iNet Docs

None of those settings are available because the modem hardware is not recognized.
Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 11.27.33 AM|690x420

It just says “No Modem device found”.

I also tried GoldenOrb and the modem worked fine so it appears to be software and not hardware. The modem initially worked, but I was having issues so downgraded the firmware to 3.104. After that the modem was no longer detected on any stock firmware.

GoldenOrb would be fine, but ios tethering does not work with the latest firmware for me on this router for some reason.

I don’t like 3.105, gave me problems so 3.104 is best IMO. Did you use debrick method to install and run it twice?

After 5-6 factory resets and reboots the modem was detected again. Thanks

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