X750-v VPN Policy Bug

Dear Admin,

After updating to, i did notice an increased in wifi speed.

However, has its own problem.

I have a few devices connected to x750. let’s call them A, B, C ,D, E, F.

I want to route ONLY device A via Vpn. So , under VPN policies,

I set :

Enable VPN Policy : Yes

Please Choose Policy : MAC ADDRESS

Please Choose Rules : Only allow the following use VPN


the problem starts here. All my other devices would lose internet connection whenever VPN is connected. Initially the speed will be 2-5mbps for 1-2 seconds, before they drop to 0mbps.

however, device AA:AA:AA:AA still has normal connection via the VPN.

to regain internet for all my other devices while VPN is connected, I have to switch off VPN policies, so that they have connection VIA the VPN.

in, i cannot set to only allow vpn for AA:AA:AA:AA . i believe there is some bug.

v3.1.0.4 did not have this problem.

3.105 added fast path module in software, which improve wifi speed but affected vpn policy, which could not work will when fast path is on.

We have fixed this problem and will release new firmware asap.

If 3.104 is working for you pls just wait for new firmware.

Hi Admin, thanks.

Another problem i have is i cannot access LuCI after flashing

The luci interface problem is a bug and will be fixed.

I am too experiencing both problems (vpn policy bug and luci corrupt) with firmware version 3.104-3105.