X750 with ATT

Looking at purchasing a x750 for att in the US. Curious which modem is the best choice and if both modems are capable of having imei altered.

Thanks in advance.

EP06-A will be faster with CAT6 (Carrier Aggregation) if the tower near you supports it.

Thanks. Can it identify as a iPad?

I think all Quectel modems can.

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Just via ash commands issued by putty or comparable? Nothing special needed?

It is done via an AT command

Just through putty?

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Through the GL web interface

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Hi, I am trying to change it via Luci GUI under AT commands, but always getting error. any insights please. I am trying to set ipad imei here.

Are you doing like this?

  1. Access the router UI and record the current IMEI

  2. Get a new IMEI for debug purpose

  3. On the router UI, find “AT Command”, then use the following AT command to wite the new IMEI (for example 861585040740945)


  1. Check if you can connect to carrier network. If yes then use the following AT command to save the IMEI to the module.


Hi Alzhao,

Thanks for responding. Problem is I am not able to run any AT command, modem always responds back with error. I have tried to set imei for testing purpose, band locking etc, but modem always is giving error.

What could be the issue, is it modem faulty or something is locked which is preventing me to execute these commands.

Can you provide a screenshot?
Is an ERROR message popping up at the top of the browser or is the result returned an ERROR?

result is returned as error.

Make sure you have a sim installed.